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Knitting for Olive - Soft Silk Mohair

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Knitting for Olive

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Silk mohair arrived from Knitting for Olive.

Super soft and fluffy silk mohair.
Made in Italy according to ethical and environmentally friendly standards.
You can rest assured that the yarn is made without harmful chemical substances.

It comes in a wide variety of colors, so we recommend pairing it with Knitting for Olive Merino or Heavy Merino in the same color.

✳︎ "NEW Rust" is a different color than the current Rust, but the tag says "Rust". Please note.

70% mohair, 30% silk
246 yards (225 meters) / 25g
Not recommended for children under the age of 1.
There are some products that are incorrectly labeled as "50g" on the product tag, but all products are 25g.