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Geo-metry New cocoons

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Just like there are cages for birds, if you make a cage for a ball of yarn, it might look like this. New cocoons have arrived from Geo-metry in Denmark.

A spherical leather basket (with a handle). You can knit by removing the snap, inserting a ball of yarn through the slot, and pulling out the end of the yarn through the gap. It is very cute how the thread balls move smoothly in the basket.

The handle can be rolled down along the bottom, or it can be rolled on the floor and used like a yarn bowl. The handle can also be removed from the clasp, so you can attach it to the handle of the bag you always use. For those who want to wear it diagonally, please purchase a strap sold separately.

Leather tanned with vegetable tannins is used. It is smooth and does not catch threads, and the natural luster and color fluctuation give it a luxurious feel. The color changes as you use it, so you can enjoy growing it.

New Cocoon
Diameter: about 15cm, height: about 13cm

Large Cocoon
Diameter: about 17cm, height: about 16.3cm

Leather Shoulder strap for Cocoon
Length: about 87 - 106cm (length adjustable)

Only the Large Cocoon is delivered in a cloth bag. Please note that the New Cocoon and Leather Shoulder straps do not come with a cloth bag.