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Geist Kit (published by SUBLATION)

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We will sell the yarn kit of the new publication "Sublation Daruma Collection 2021"!

Geist is A simple mohair cap that will make you happy no matter how many you have.
Daruma Wool Mohair on the outside and Daruma GENMOU on the inside. Light and warm with air. GENMOU is used on the inside, so it doesn't lose its shape easily.

Knit with a magic loop. First we knit the outside with Wool Mohair and pick the eyes from the provisional cast-on Knit the inside with GENMOU . The inside is tucked into the hat, and when knitting the potch, both fabrics are picked up and joined together. Since the outer part is slightly longer than the inner part, the inner part cannot be seen visually.

Kit contents
S ( M, L ) =
(MC) Daruma Wool Mohair : 1 ball of each size
(CC) Daruma GENMOU : 1 ball of each size

*This kit does not come with a pattern, so please purchase the book Sublation Daruma Collection 2021 .

Kit details
Designed by Alice Caetano

Finished size
Head Circumference S ( M, L ) = Biggest Circumference: 51.5 (57, 63) cm
Model wears M size sample

Thread used
(MC) : DARUMA Wool Mohair
(56% Mohair, 44% Wool; 125 yards / 115 m, 50g)
100% Wool (Merino) 50g / 165 yards/ 151 m

needle to use
・US8 (5mm) circular needle of 80cm or more
・US6 (4mm) 80cm or longer circular needle ・US8 (5mm) short needle set

Other tools
Stage marker (8)
・Separate thread ・Binding needle
Key needle

sample colors are (MC) : Sky Blue (8), (CC) : #02