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Escher kit (published in issue 18)

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Escher is a beret that is knitted bottom-up from the opening. The number of stitches is easy to knit and the pattern is simple, so I think you can finish it in no time without stress.

The sample is made with colors that are a little more assertive, but it would be interesting to make it with cute colors or similar color gradations.

Kit contents
Brooklyn Tweed PEERIE   MC , CC: 1 case each

This kit only sells thread and does not come with a pattern. Please purchase together with amirisu18 .

Kit details
designed by amirisu (Tokuko Ochiai)

Finished size
Head position 48 cm, height 23 cm

Thread used
Brooklyn Tweed PEERIE ( 100% Merino Wool 210 yards (192m) / 50g )

needle to use
・US 2 (2.75 mm) , 1 circular needle of 60 cm or more
・US 3 (3.25 mm) , 1 circular needle of 60 cm or more

Other tools
Binding needle
Marker (1)

Sample color / MC : Humpback , CC : Burnished
Gray / MC: Porter, CC: Henge
Pink / MC : Gale, CC : Arabesque
Brick/MC: Loam, CC: Palazzo