Ellyliz Honeycomb Yarn Holder

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Genuine leather yarn holder.
It can be used like a yarn bowl. The yarn will come off easily and knitting will be smooth. No need to worry about the ball of yarn rolling away even if you pull a little forcefully.

A hook is attached to the end of the strap along with a strong magnet. For example, you can hook it to the metal fittings of your bag and knit on the go, or use the magnet to attach it to something like a refrigerator or metal on a table. It can be used in many situations in your daily life.

amirisu staff tried knitting using the magnet and found that the magnet was super strong and did not come off during knitting.

The leather part is also made of high quality leather and is very durable. The embossed pattern makes it resistant to scratches and dirt, and the uneven surface allows you to enjoy the depth of aging.

Height: 14.5cm (including hook)
Bottom width: 7cm (widest part)

Body: Genuine Italian leather (Conceria Walpier, Dollaro / vegetable tanned leather)
Hook: Brass
Extra strong magnet