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De Rerum Natura Albertine

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De Rerum Natura

Albertine arrived from De Rerum Natura, France.

A luxurious blend of 90% Arlus merino and 10% silk, which is often called the best European merino wool. Arls Merino is made from wool grown on organic farms in Provence, France, and spun using a special manufacturing method.

A silky touch and luster are added to the moist and elastic Arlus Merino, making it a soft yarn that feels great to the touch. Simple knitting, pattern knitting, and lace knitting are beautifully finished.
4 ply Fingering Weight Yarn. It feels good on the skin, so it is recommended for wear and shawls.

Very fine wool and silk fibers are spun in Italy with special spinning techniques and dyed in France.

90% organic Arles merino, 10% mulberry silk

Needle size: 2.5mm - 3mm
Gauge: 26 - 28 eyes / 10cm