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shetland braid pattern

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Focusing on materials and works owned by Shetland museums,
A collection of traditional Fair Isle patterns.

Patterns and samples written by knitters in the 1930s, 19th century hats, etc.
More than 240 samples have been recorded by adding variations to the precious original patterns.

The pattern combination and color scheme can be used as they are, or you can freely arrange them to your liking.
A pattern guide that can be used for any kind of knitting, from accessories such as hats and gloves to sweaters.

All patterns are based on the Shetland tradition of "two colors in one row",
It's easier to knit than it looks, and it's easy. More and more patterns are formed,
Enjoy the fun of Fair Isle knitting.

At the end of the book, there is a convenient pattern index classified by the number of rows and stitches.