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Applique embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi

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Nihon Vogue

Yumiko Higuchi, an embroiderer who is currently attracting the most attention, is the first to publish a book from the perspective of "appliqué embroidery". It is an appliqué with a sophisticated design that adult women can use in their daily lives. Motifs such as insects and birds, centered on flowers and plants, are displayed with a sense of color and exquisite spacing. Appliqué expresses a large surface, so it is attractive that it can be finished faster than embroidery. Appliqué techniques and the basics of embroidery are explained in detail, so even beginners can rest assured. 40 works are posted, including examples of practical items such as bags and pouches.

Design and Production Yumiko Higuchi: Born in 1975. After graduating from Tama Art University, worked as a handmade bag designer. After selling works at the shop and holding exhibitions, he started working as an embroidery artist in 2008. Creates and publishes original embroidery with motifs of living things such as plants and insects.