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Cocoknits Knitter's Block Kit

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A kit for blocking, the final finishing touch to knitted knits.
It is no exaggeration to say that the finish of hand-knitted knitwear is determined by this blocking. Cocoknits' blocking set, which knows the feelings of knitters, is a set of mats, cotton cloths, and T-pins, and is convenient to quickly prepare for blocking.

- Since it is a joint type, the shape can be changed according to the item.
- The surface is covered with light pile fabric, so the knit stays in place and is easy to separate.
・The mat material EVA foam tile is also used for the sole of the shoe, and the pin can be firmly fixed. It doesn't absorb water, so it dries faster than towels. In addition, water does not penetrate and wet the floor.
・Since it is made of heat-resistant material, it can be safely used for steam blocking.
・Formamide and formaldehyde free

cotton cloth
・When blocking, pull it under the knit and use it.
・Since the width of the check is woven to about 1 inch, it can be used as a convenient substitute for a tape measure. (Since it is not strictly 1 inch, the error will be larger for larger items. Please use it as a guide.)

set content
18 pieces of EVA blocking mats about 30 cm square
・Square cotton cloth of about 120cm ・40 T-pins ・Comes in a stylish jute bag