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Cocoknits Accessory Roll

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New gray color!
Cocoknits, which develops fashionable knitting goods, has arrived an Accessory Roll that can neatly store small items.

Arrange four triangular pouches on a sheet of paper, roll them up, and fasten them with rubber bands to make them compact and convenient to carry.
The triangular pouch can be removed with a snap, so it's easy to pick and choose just the one you need.
In addition, the pouch is envelope-shaped, so things won't fall off easily, and it's made of durable paper, so you can easily wash it off if it gets dirty.
Not only knitting tools, but also accessories and cosmetics can be collected in this Accessory Roll without having to carry multiple pouches.
Comes with 3 customizable elastic bands.

Entire pouch: 6.5 cm long x 6.3 cm wide x 6.3 cm high
Triangular Pouch: Length 14.5cm x Width 4.5cm x Height 2.5cm

The material softens after washing.
Remove the rubber band and wash it with water.
Crumple while moist to create wrinkles and texture.
Adjust the shape and dry in a well-ventilated place.