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Cocoknits Maker's Keep

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New pink Hibiscus has arrived!

Cocoknits' Knitter's Keep has been renewed and reappeared as Maker's Keep for those who love not only knitters but also dressmaking and handicrafts.

When I was knitting, the marker went somewhere, uh, what about the cable needle I put here earlier? Oh my God, it happens often. With Maker's Keep, the bangle is a magnet, and you can keep metal objects in place.
You can quickly find and use small items that you want to keep for a while, so there is no doubt that you will speed up!

Knitter's Keep had knitting goods such as markers, but Maker's Keep is only a bangle.

Contents ・ Bangle with magnet (made of silicon, please select the color from the pull-down)

Knitting Row Counter and Stitch Fixer (sold separately) can also be attached.