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amirisu original spool (set of 10)

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I've always wanted to make one.
This is an amirisu original spool card.

I've always wanted a card to organize my extra yarn.
If you keep the thread as it is, it will get tangled easily, and if it is just wrapped around a cardboard, it will be boring.

This spool card has an illustration of a squirrel and an acorn, and there is also a column to write information about the thread. It comes in 10 pieces and comes in all sizes, so you can organize your excess yarn in a cute way.
Also, when thinking about color matching for pattern knitting such as Fair Isle, it is easy to understand by winding threads around this card and arranging them.
Then, when I share a little thread with my knitting friends, I give it to them with a message.
Please use it in your own way.

Length about 7.9 cm
Width about 6.2 cm (widest point)
Made of sturdy cardboard
10 pieces