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HiyaHiya Stainless Circular Needle 23cm

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HiyaHiya stainless steel circular needle. It's very light, and once you use it, other needles feel heavy. There is no smell peculiar to metal like other companies' products.
23 cm also appeared! This is for those who find it troublesome to knit small loops such as socks with magic loops. You can also use it for gloves, etc.
Choose from two types of needle tips: normal (sufficiently sharp) and sharp (extremely sharp). Extra fine is only produced in regular size.

Product details Needle: stainless steel Needle length: 4.8cm
Overall length: 23cm
made in china

US3-0 / 1.50mm
US2-0 / 1.75mm
US2 / 2.75mm
US4 / 3.5mm
US5 / 3.75mm

The color of the cable changes during manufacturing and may differ from the photo. Also, you cannot specify the color of the cable. Please be aware of this before placing your order.