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Spindrift (101-526)

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Manufacturer: Jamieson's

Product name: Spindrift

10cm = 32 eyes x 32 steps
100% pure Shetland yarn

Jamieson's spindrift is a typical Fair Isle yarn. Walnut handles 132 colors among them.
Because the thread is easy to entangle, staking is also possible. The more you use it, the colors will blend nicely together and the texture will improve.

Due to the large number of colors, the page is divided into two parts.
530 and later will be on a separate page, so please see that.

Actual colors may appear different depending on monitor settings. Please note that Spindrift has a particularly subtle color development. Please come to the actual store to see the real thing.
again, We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could check it on the manufacturer's website .