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mYak Baby Yak Yarn Lace

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Manufacturer: mYak
Product Name: Baby Yak Yarn Lace
Thickness: Lace
100% Yak 350m/50g

Native to Tibet / Made in Italy

Baby yak lace thread from Italy.
We use baby yak undercoats from the Tibetan plateau and weave them in our factory in Italy.
Although it is an eco-friendly organic brand, it is also attractive that it is very affordable for the time and effort it takes.

We have 2 types of yak thread, one that is not dyed and one that is dyed.
2 skeins for shawls, 3-4 skeins for wearing.
Please enjoy the soft texture.

【please note】
- Thread spun from naturally shed yak hair. Since it is a natural product, the texture may change depending on the season. Please purchase a sufficient number.
・The fine and delicate thread is easy to break, so please handle it carefully when winding it from the skein. At the shop, we roll it slowly at low speed.