Tapestry Needles Assorted

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An assorted set of binding needles with a cute case with a pattern of yarn and knitting needles. Since it opens and closes with a magnet, it is easy to open and close, and the needle is fixed for peace of mind. There are red needles with 5 thin needles and blue needles with 4 thick needles.

set content

・Binding Needles (Thin) Set – Red Case
No.13 1.60×60.0mm/1 piece
No.15 1.35×54.5mm/1 piece
No.17 1.24×48.5mm/1 piece
No.18 1.07×45.5mm/1 piece
No.20 0.89×39.5mm/1 case

・Binding Needles (Thick) Set – Blue Case
No.10 2.40×70.0mm/1 piece
No.11 2.10×65.0mm/1 piece
No.12 1.81×60.0mm/1 piece
No.13 1.60×60.0mm/1 case

・Yarn binding needles assorted set (curved tip) - yellow case
No.10 2.40×70.0mm/1 piece
No.12 1.81×60.0mm/1 piece
No.15 1.35×54.5mm/1 piece
No.18 1.07×45.5mm/1 case

The big eye of these tapestry needles makes threading yarn a snap! The tip is rounded to avoid splitting the yarn. Perfect for binding off or sewing pieces together. hand, as well as holds your needle temporarily while you work.

Set Contains:
RED Thin Needle Set:
Needles in sizes
No.13 1.60×60.0mm
No.15 1.35×54.5mm
No.17 1.24×48.5mm
No.18 1.07×45.5mm
No.20 0.89×39.5mm
Magnetic case

BLUE Thick Needle Set:
Needles in sizes
No.10 2.40×70.0mm
No.11 2.10×65.0mm
No.12 1.81×60.0mm
No.13 1.60×60.0mm
Magnetic case

NEW: YELLOW Bent Tip Needle Set:
Needles in sizes
No. 10: 2.40 x 70.0mm
No. 12: 1.81 x 60.0mm
No. 15: 1.35 x 54.5mm
No. 18: 1.07 x 45.5mm
Magnetic case