Maker's High Podcast

Amirisu's new podcast, Maker's High, curated by Tokuko and Meri. This podcast is as a rule offered in Japanese only.

This podcast is a program in which amirisu, who works on the concept of handmade life and slow fashion, thinks about making things with guests on topics of interest.

2-3 times a month, we will deliver interviews with guests, chats about the theme of the month, and introductions to news.

We love reading essays and interviews of various people. We plan to interview a wide range of people involved in manufacturing, not limited to knitting, and hope to unravel the passion and commitment they put into their work. It will be a casual program, so I would be happy if you could enjoy knitting, housework, and commuting.


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Recruitment letter

Please feel free to send us your thoughts on the program, questions for Tokuko and Meri, etc.

The theme currently being recruited is "What do you want to study this spring?"
Please tell us about new things you want to study this year, and hobbies you want to work on, not just in spring. We look forward to hearing from you!

If your letter is accepted, you will receive an original sticker. If you would like a sticker, please be sure to include your name, address, and email address.

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