TAUKO Magazine Issue No. 2

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This is the second issue of the indie sewing magazine TAUKO Magazine.

10 patterns by various designers around the world are posted.
It includes instructions on how to make wrap maxi dresses, loose pants, and simple tops sewn in soft linen, floral patterns, and sheer knit fabrics that are perfect for the future.

There are works of various levels from beginners to experts.
The size range is wide, and I'm glad that it supports chest circumferences from 78 cm to 146 cm.

Comes with a full size template.
The pattern paper has a seam allowance, and is used by copying it on paper such as Hatron paper.

Full text in English.
There are instructions on how to make it, but there are few diagrams, so it is recommended for those who can read English and those who have sewing experience and can predict how to make it.

The theme of the second issue is “Kinship”. Through sewing, it features various perspectives that craft plays an important role in creating communities and passing on new cultures. It is a book worth reading, including essays, columns and interviews.

SEWING PATTERN DESIGNERS: Elina Vuorema, Fanni Lyytikäinen, Maureen Gleason, Kaisa rissanen, Birgitta Helmersson, Gian Padilla Suarez, Mila Moisio, Mandi Bharij, Adama Amanda Ndiaye

- 128 pages
- 275mm high x 215mm
- Contains 4 templates

【please note】
There are some scratches on the cover during shipping. Please be aware of this before purchasing. Although it is a small amount, we are discounting accordingly.

Release date: January 17, 2022