A KNITTING LIFE 2 – Out into the world

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A KNITTING LIFE 2 – Out into the world

This is a new book by Marianne, the owner and designer of ISAGER.
The second installment of the series trilogy.
The book features works designed by Marianne based on the inspiration she has received from the countries she has traveled to, including Africa, South America, Nepal, and Greenland.

Helga had a talk at WALNUT in November, and I was able to look at the samples, and while I could feel that they were based on African print patterns, the colors and threads were chic and delicate, typical of Isagaa. I was impressed that it was written by Marianne.

In addition to new works, there are also photos of works from the 1990s and 2000s, as well as stories of travel experiences and inspiration, making this a must-have book for ISAGER fans, just like the first volume.

Hardcover 192 pages
Size: 29.5x23cm

*You can view the published works here .
*This product is entirely in English. please note.