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mYak Ra-Ku Fiocco Di Cashmere Lace

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100% top quality cashmere from mYak Lace Weight Yarn has arrived.

The most venerable and noble of cashmere Tibetan known as cashmere 100% cashmere lace. Tibetan kept semi-wild in the high grasslands The cashmere undercoat has a reputation for being strong and resistant to pilling, as well as having long fibers and high heat retention. that tibetan Cashmere is spun in an Italian factory for a balance of softness and durability.

The micron count of mYak Ra-Ku Fiocco Di Cashmere Lace is less than 14.5 microns compared to 30 microns for regular wool. This number alone You'll find mYak Ra-Ku Fiocco Di Cashmere Lac to be super soft to the touch.

Knitting project with cashmere is a knitter's dream. It is a wonderful thread that satisfies that dream. It seems that you can knit any pattern with mYak Baby Yak Yarn Lace. With its elegant luster and chic colors, you can create a piece that you want to cherish and use for a long time.

Manufacturer: mYak
Product Name: Ra-Ku Fiocco Di Cashmere Lace
Thickness: Lace
Needle size: US 0 - 4 (2 - 3.5mm)

100% Tibetan Cashmere / 350m / 50g