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Xeni Kit -Parade- (PDF version with Japanese sentence patterns)

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Xeni is a romantic shawl with a delicate lace pattern.
It consists of two beautiful lace patterns, and the hem is rounded and wavy for a gentle impression.

For those of you who have been watching amirisu since its founding, this shawl must be nostalgic. When lace shawl knitting was not yet a major thing (around us), Kitman's Xeni shawl was introduced in the first issue of amirisu, and many people knitted it.

Knit bottom up. The weaving method itself is simple, but the lace pattern looks complicated. The knitting method is standard, so it is also recommended for those who are knitting a lace shawl with a sentence pattern for the first time. It's an easy-to-understand pattern, so amirisu also held a lot of workshops using Xeni as a teaching material.

We have prepared a kit for the refreshing Parade. It has a beautiful lace pattern and is perfect for accessories to protect from the cold and sun in the summer.

oh yeah. Be sure to check the last page of the pattern before you start knitting. Since it's an early pattern, the page structure is different from now, and the important notes are listed at the end.

Kit contents
amirisu Parade 1 skein
PDF version Japanese sentence pattern

* The pattern will be delivered as a PDF version pattern.
If you would like a printed version, please purchase this pattern printing fee together.

with this kit Small size can be knitted.
If you want to knit medium size, please purchase additional thread from here .

Kit details
designed by Kitman Figueroa

Finished size
Small size 46 cm x 102 cm (brown sample)
Medium size 56 cm x 122 cm (purple sample)
It is also possible to increase the size further by adding the number of patterns.

Thread used
Amirisu Parade
(60% wool, 20% cotton, 10% linen, 10% silk / 420 yards / 384 m / about 100 g)

Needle to be used・US 9 / JP 11 (5.5 mm) circular needle (for making stitches)
・US 6 / JP 7 (4mm) circular needle

Other tools , stitch markers, binding needles