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Conflux Kit (published in issue 24)

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Conflux, a long vest with beautiful stripes made of brioche and garter.
It's generous, with diagonal stripes that sway like water as you move. The garter-knitted collar gives a masculine look to the overall look.

It has a minimalistic design with rectangular holes for your arms, so you can feel the freedom of wearing it. It can be worn upside down and can also be used as a shawl. It can be used for many seasons depending on how you use it. Knitted with Isager Highland Wool for a light and soft finish. The nuanced colors are familiar and naturally match your everyday outfits.

Knit diagonally from the hem of the center of the back with round-trip knitting. The main body is knitted in two colors, brioche and garter. Make an armhole in the middle. For the collar, pick up the eyes from the main body with CC and garter knit. After that, pick up the eyes from around the main body and make one lap with I-Cord Bind Off.

Kit contents

Isager Highland Wool
XS-S (ML, XL-2XL, 3XL-4XL) =
CC: 3 balls
A: 4 (4, 5, 5) balls
B: 4 (4, 5, 5) balls

This kit only sells thread and does not come with a pattern. Please purchase together with amirisu24 .

Kit details
designed by Susanne Sommer

Finished size
Width XS-S (ML, XL-2XL, 3XL-4XL) = 162 (162, 200, 200) cm

A model with a height of 170 cm wears a sample of S size with a margin of 82 cm

Thread used
Isager Highland Wool (100% wool, 300 yards / 275 m, 50g)

needle to use
1 x US 4 (3.5 mm), 80 cm (or longer) circular needle
1 x US 7 (4.5 mm) circular needle, or quad needle

Or, a needle with a thickness that allows the gauge to be taken

Other tools /stitch markers (5)
・Binding needle ・Separate thread


The combination of threads is as follows. The photos are CC, A, and B from the left.

・Sample color
CC: Curry A: Ice Blue B: Ocean

CC: Chili A: Charcoal B: E0

CC: Ocean A: Rhubarb B: Rose

・Ice Blue
CC: Ice Blue A: Denim B: Greece

CC: Turquise A: Wine B: Stone

CC: Soil A: Sky B: Sand