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Kaze Kobo's Fair Isle Knitting

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Nihon Vogue

Kaze Kobo's Fair Isle Knitting book.
It explains in an easy-to-understand manner the techniques of Fair Isle knitting, from how to take the gauge and make the stitches to how to make a "steak". The process is explained in detail with photos, so it is a book that will be a standard for Fair Isle knitting, which is great for beginners and self-learners. The techniques that Kaze Kobo has learned by visiting the site many times are also generously introduced.

The design is also wonderful, and the pattern of sophisticated accessories and clothing that is typical of Kaze Kobo is posted. I'm glad that the wear has 3 sizes.

Large size book: 144 pages Publisher: Nihon Vogue (2017/12/26)