At amirisu, we have almost all types of HiyaHiya metal needles. The feature is that the inside of the needle is hollow, so it is very light and has no metallic smell. Once you use this, you won't be able to use heavy needles anymore. Light weight is very important.
In addition, bamboo needles have finally joined the ranks. Because it is coated with resin, it remains flexible but is more durable. The needle points are sharp enough to make knitting easier.

If you are considering purchasing a set , please refer to this .
If you are hesitant about buying a set, we recommend that you buy the cable and the replacement needle separately and consider how comfortable they are to use. In that case, be careful that there are S size and L size cables! If you have a set of 4 inches, there is also a replacement needle for US2.5 that was not included in the set.

Unlike replaceable circular needles, the integrated circular needle does not rotate the cable, but the connection between the needle and the cord is very smooth. No more frustration with snagging threads.
If you use a lot of magic loops, the 80cm cord is best. 60cm is good if you often use it for round-trip knitting. 100cm is for items with many stitches, such as large shawls.

The set of 5 short hands is certified for ease of use. This is a must-have item for customers who knit round knitting with short needles.

And for Sock. This is a set with number expansion from 0. We also sell single items !

Finally, one of the features of HiyaHiya, ultra-fine needles are also available! No. 0 or less!
Click here for the short hand set. Here is the integrated circular needle.

May you find the perfect needle.