June 04, 2023


フィンランドのアーティスト紹介: <br> エイヤ・コスキ




Himmeli is a traditional, three-dimensional ornament in Finland, made originally of rye straw. It hangs from the ceiling and is always symmetric from the hanging point. Its geometric shapes are light, swaying in the air to become alive. Historically, the movement is said to be a symbol of luck, so  do not hinder the movement with heavy thread. Himmeli is often connected to Christmas, but has also been given as a present for newborn babies and wedding couples.

Eija encountered her first himmeli as a child, when she was 10 years old. She fell in love with it at first sight. The himmeli she saw was made by her aunt and it was hanging from the ceiling in a corner of the farm house. The room was full of people chatting loudly but she heard nothing as she stared at the himmeli, which was mesmerizing, big and golden in the eyes of a child.

When she grew up she studied economics at university when she met her future husband, Kari, who was an organic farmer. Rye straw returned to her life again. She decided to quit her promising career and together with her husband, followed her calling, himmeli. 

Ten years later she was still obsessed with the himmeli and had written four books by then, published in six languages – one of them in Japanese. Himmeli speaks to her in the language of mathematics – in a language of geometric beauty. The rye straw is an important component. With the authentic material the himmeli is an incarnation of sacred geometry.

She sees herself as an ambassador of himmeli. One of her the biggest audiences of himmeli is in Japan, and has visited Japan often to have himmeli workshops and exhibitions. People from all over the world travel to Finland also to visit the birthplace of Himmeli. Eija and Kari have an organic farm in western Finland and organize weekend workshops there.

Making himmeli is something similar to knitting. The pattern may be very simple, but it is just continuous repetition that becomes very calming and meditative. Eija also loves knitting and makes her own clothes.


Website: ekoart.fi
Instagram: @eijakoskihimmelist

Photos by Eija Koski