February 20, 2015

I made the Tosh Merino Light quartet.

I made a recommended kit for knitting a 4-color shawl with Tosh Merino Light.
Tokuko and Meri are the colors to choose from! You can buy yarn here.

This time, I specially matched colors for knitting Stephen West's Exploration Station . I hope you have a wonderful shawl!
Tokuko, who actually knitted this shawl, shares advice on which parts should be knitted in what color.
A has a lace pattern on the hem, and the pattern in the middle changes to B&C with a rubber knit pattern, C&D with a slip pattern, and B&D with a garter pattern.
Tokuko's actual shawl is available on Ustream on February 17th. It will appear in about 4 minutes.

*Pattern not included. Shop on Ravelry.

London Walk
A combination of fluorescent pink. The other colors are neutral, so I find it easy to use.
A: black
B: White
C: pink
D: Gray

New Yorker
The image is of a fashionable woman working in downtown or midtown New York. This is also a chic color with only one bright color.

A: black
B: White
C: yellow
D: gray

I made it with the image of a high-brand fashion show with such a combination of costumes. Blend fluorescent yellow with gray and beige.
A: black
B: light brown
C: yellow
D: gray

Monet's Flowers
A combination of browns, pinks and purples that would suit the city of southern France. Freshen up with white.

A: purple
B: Beige
C: brown
D: White

Turkish Delight
I like the combination of orange and blue green. Blue-green looks like the color of the sea in Istanbul or the color of Islamic tiles. By adding orange and beige, you can get rid of redness at once.

A: blue
B: light gray
C: Orange
D: Beige