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Soak Wash has arrived!

October 01, 2014

I was surprised to see so many people watching the Ustream broadcast yesterday.
I'm sorry that I couldn't do it smoothly, such as not being able to cooperate with Twitter as I thought. I think you'll get used to it as you go along.
By the way, Ustream is not a TV show. We don't have any plans to rehearse, and since it's a live broadcast, Yamato Transport's pick-up will come. . . After all, we are the only ones in the office. Please take a look at it with warm eyes. Maybe next Tuesday night I'll do it again.

Today is the announcement of the soak wash in stock.
Last time it was very popular and sold out quickly. I immediately placed a back order, but it took three months by surface mail, and it was caught in customs due to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (it wasn't for the human body!), but it finally arrived.
This time, in addition to Lacey, we also purchased a gorgeous fragrance called Celebration.
Two sizes of 90ml and 375ml. You can wash about 1 garment with one push, so 90ml is enough for about 18 times.

Soak Wash can be seen in every shop when visiting yarn shops in New York. It was my first time to buy a single dose and use it while traveling.
The first thing I liked was the scent. Recently, there are many Japanese fabric softeners with nice fragrances, but at the time, I was fascinated by this one.

When I try to hand wash lace shawls and clothes with silk in them, I feel uneasy because they stretch out while rinsing them over and over again. With hand-dyed thread, the more you rinse it, the more the color fades, and I'm worried that the color will come off after washing.

Soak Wash does not require rinsing. Just dissolve it once in a washbasin, put it on your clothes for about 20 minutes, and then lightly dehydrate it in a washing machine. Some of my overseas friends use it as a detergent when they travel, and they use it for their lingerie. Everyone was repeating.

Please try using it once.

You can purchase a full size bottle here.
Get your travel bottle here. Please visit the amirisu online shop.

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