April 23, 2016

Let's knit with summer yarn! Recommended pattern introduction of Remix.

The temperature suddenly rose before Golden Week, and some days were a little hot in wool.
Summer yarns are cotton and linen, but compared to winter yarns, there are fewer varieties, and many of them are more difficult to knit than wool.
However, the summer yarn from Berroco that I purchased this time is a good summer yarn that is easy to knit and easy to wear. It is a yarn that I would like to recommend to those who are not good at summer yarn.

First of all, today is from Remix . Since it is a yarn with a slightly rough texture, it does not have the problem of not being able to knit the knitted desert neatly or the problem of connecting yarn, which is common with summer yarn. I think it's perfect for winter wear for men and children who are sensitive to heat.

30% nylon, 27% cotton, 24% acrylic, 10% silk, 9% linen
216 yards (200m) / 100g

Compatible Needle Size: 8 (US) /5 mm
It's also nice that it's machine washable. It is a thick thread, which is rare for summer yarn, and has a mixed color like tweed. Actually, the gauge matches BT's Shelter! Let's introduce the recommended patterns.
Jessie's irl by Elizabeth Smith
This pattern is a loosely knit early summer pullover. Long sleeves can be worn underneath, so it's a piece that can be worn all year round.
A cardigan with a cute pattern on the back. This area may be just right for the hot winter in Tokyo. It must be cold in Kyoto.

Everyone loves striped pullovers. We also recommend the popular pattern On the beach .
Gaia by Kristen TenDyk
It is a free pattern of Remix designated thread! I will be knitting it soon.

Another Berroco summer yarn, Indigo, can be worn all year round. We are now selling kits with Japanese patterns. Here are the recommended patterns for the next time.