November 15, 2016

How to wear the Recoleta cardigan


New plan! Three WALNUT Tokyo staff members have tried on amirisu's recommended items and started a corner where they suggest how to wear them. The first is the Recoleta cardigan designed by popular Argentinian designer Joji Locatelli.

Actually, last year, the staff of the Tokyo store knitted a sample, but the yarn was sold out before it went on sale, so it was left as it was. Just the right yarn arrived, so the kit was finally realized.

This cardigan is knitted by Worsted's DK. I thought it would be lighter and a little more delicate that way. Knitted one size up to create an S size.

Now let's talk about dressing. Nao teaches rug hooking and tapestry weaving at the Tokyo store. She's been a model for amirisu since issue 1, so it's familiar.

She is very good at finding bargains at second-hand clothing stores, and she customizes them even more, so she always asks, "Where can you buy that?!" This time, she is wearing a printed dress and a cute beret. He is the shortest of the three.

Next is Mari-san, a staff member of the Tokyo store and in charge of the glue deco lesson. It's always a mature and simple style. This time, she matched the monotone top and bottom with a sweet cardigan. The accessories are (of course) self-made. If you are interested, please join the lesson.

Last but not least, Hiromi, who is the manager of the Tokyo store and has been a cover girl for amirisu many times. She wears a loose cardigan over a rough pants style. The cardigan has a strong presence, so it goes well with simple coordination. In fact, she was the one who knitted the sample. It's just the right size.

Fiberstory's Core DK, which is assembling the kit, is elastic and easy to knit, and the colors are very chic autumn colors. I think it's perfect for this Recoleta. If you knit it in blue or gray colors, it will give you a mature look, and if you knit it in red or brown colors like the sample, it will give you a chic autumn look. Personally, I'm interested in the whitest Scroll and the beige Fawn.

In anticipation of knitting one size up, please purchase a kit with 5 skeins for finished size up to M size (not knitting size) and 6 skeins for finished size L or larger.

The pattern is translated with Joji's permission. Japanese PDF is attached.

It is also recommended for those who wanted to try using Core DK but were worried about what to knit. It's a very easy-to-understand and well-written pattern, and I'm impressed that you translated it!

Lastly, Masa-san, the photographer, will take pictures for this series. A photographer who has just returned from Portland and is active mainly in magazines. I personally like the atmosphere of men's taste works. I was really lucky when I was introduced to a local photographer who said, "There is an amazing photographer!" I'll be back next time with some great photos, so stay tuned!