June 26, 2015

Quince & Co.'s shawl KAL has started!

Quince's yarn has a fashionable subtle color and is very elastic and easy to knit.
The annual shawl week is being held.
One pattern will be released each day to coincide with the shawl collection released every summer. Today is Thursday, so the Thursday pattern has been released.
The beautiful color of terracotta and the simple form are cute.

Pagoda by Dawn Catanzaro
Tern 3 case

The shawl KAL will also be held accordingly.
The start is next Monday, the 29th. Post a photo of your finished creation in Quince's Ravelry group thread for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate. The deadline is the end of August 3rd.
To enter, it must be a piece from this year's shawl collection or a pattern from any of the five participating designers. Of course, use Quince for the thread.
Quince Shawl KAL's FO thread is here.

However, there is good news for those who think that posting in English is a bit of a hurdle!
Quince shawl KAL will also be held at amirisu. If you've been knitting only summer yarn lately and still miss wool, check it out!
The start is June 29th and the finish is August 3rd, the same dates as Quince.
At amirisu, any pattern designed with Quince thread is acceptable. Whether it's from this year's shawl collection or an older one. It doesn't have to be released by Quince.
Please post a picture of your finished work here. <amirisu Ravelry board >

Of course, presents are also available. We will send one person each a 5,000 yen, 3,000 yen, and 2,000 yen shopping coupon by lottery from among those who have posted. You can use it at the online shop or WALNUT.
Winner will be announced on August 8th.

*You can post to both Quince and amirisu Ravelry groups. However, please note that the patterns that Quince can participate in are limited.

Well, for those who are wondering what to knit, Tokuko and Meri recommend.
We chose two favorites. There are some that have a Japanese version and some that don't, so please choose according to your level.

We look forward to your participation!

amirisu recommended shawl
Patterns using Piper

Patterns with Finch

Patterns with Tern

Shawl designed by yellowcosmo from the latest issue of amirisu . A gentle crescent moon is cute.
Please try knitting with cheerful colors.

Patterns with Chickadee
One of the pieces from this year's shawl collection. Nice color combination! You can enjoy 5 color gradations.

You can express so much with just the ground pattern! A triangular shawl composed of only the front and back eyes.
The brick color is also very nice.

Patterns using Lark
A very simple shawl made of thick yarn. The decoration is also minimal, so it can be used normally without being hand-knitted. It is also attractive that a large shawl can be knitted quickly.

Patterns with Osprey
One of Meri's favorites. Something I really want to knit this year.
Knitting with Osprey makes the unevenness clearer and allows you to enjoy the ground pattern even more.

Patterns with Owl
If you start knitting now, a warm large shawl will be completed in autumn.
A nice shawl that can be used at home or outdoors. The pattern is included in the HOME collection and is available for purchase from the amirisu online shop. In addition, it is a collection full of wonderful patterns.

12 cases of Lena Shawl by Pam Allen Owl

Patterns with Kestrel
A smooth summer cowl. Please enjoy the two-tone color.
3 Kestrel main colors and 2 contrast colors

Patterns with Sparrow
The translated version is scheduled to be released in early July.