September 29, 2014

i love puffin

Quince yarn comes in a variety of cute colors, but Puffin is the cutest.

Single ply with bulky yarn. It's a little felted, so you don't get the "hairy face and clothes..." situation that tends to happen with bulky single-ply. very easy to knit.
And when you try to make it this thick, every color is really cute! Both amirisu and I are aiming to knit a sweater. I don't have time now (tears).

For example, this chunky sweater. The pockets are cute and the coordination with the fluffy skirt is outstanding. (Agnes by Melissa LaBarre)

Another favorite Puffin pattern is this mitten. (Chevron Cable Mitten by Ann Budd) The pattern of the mogul designer, also known for his sock books and the Interweave book series. The cool thing is that the pattern can be knitted with any of Quince's yarns. The number of stitches is developed for each thread (that is, gauge).

(photos courtesy of Quince & Co. )

Of course, knitting with Puffin is cute! So, I knitted a sample for the shop in Parseley color. I have a navy blue and green tartan check wool coat, so it would fit perfectly.

This is the same thread and pattern that I gave to a photographer who previously contributed photos to amirisu. I had fun knitting! The needle is 6.5mm, and I used HiyaHiya's 60cm circular needle. A quick project that can be knitted with one hand in 1-2 days. How would you like to spend the weekend?

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