September 25, 2014

One Skein Wonder

A few days ago I couldn't smell it at all, but on my way home tonight, the night sky suddenly smelled of sweet osmanthus. Autumn, isn't it?
I would like to introduce a wonderful work that can be done in one piece, which is perfect for this time when it is getting cooler (One Skein Wonder - There is a word called One Hit Wonder in English, and I wonder if it is a play on it).

It is a cowl using Techno of Blue Sky Alpaca sold at the shop. The pattern isfrom the blog of Purl Soho, a famous yarn shop in New York. Yes, it's a free pattern (this is it!). The pattern was Techno 2 skeins, and I was short about 3 rows, but I went as far as I could with 1 skein. It was high enough.

Starting from the hem, the front is knitted a lot at the back, and the loop is knitted while reducing the stitches from the middle.

Is that different from the Purl Bee photo? Sharp. In the pattern, the hem is garter knitted, but I accidentally made it knitted. It curled up when we were knitting, but after steaming it, everything was fine!

About thread. This yarn, called Techno, is a dream-light blend of pebby alpaca, silk and merino wool. 50g has the volume of 100g Chunky (thicker yarn than Worsted). In other words, it's about half the weight of normal extra-thick yarn!

When Blue Sky products were introduced at a trade fair in the United States in May of this year, the one I liked the most was this Techno. The price is a little high because of the special spinning that contains silk, so I searched for a piece that could be made with just one skein, and found this pattern.

What I saw was a simple rectangular shawl with a wonderful feel and luxury. I use about 6 skeins, but I also recommend such a reward shawl.

amirisu is available in 4 colors for adults. How about a quick weekend project? In addition, the stitches are not very noticeable, so it is recommended for beginners to practice turning back. (In Kyoto, everyone rides a bicycle, so some customers commented that a cowl is more convenient than a muffler.)

Click here to purchase.
You can also buy good needles (US10.5, 6.5mm) .