January 07, 2015

Have fun with Koigu!

Happy new year!
I hope that you will have many good encounters through knitting this year and have a lot of fun knitting.

Thank you for all your orders during the New Year sale. Due to the rush of orders, the shopping cart system overflowed, and duplicate orders occurred many times. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. There are several customers who have not received a reply despite contacting us about the missing item. If you haven't received your item by the day after tomorrow, please check your email.

Well, the first blog of the new year is the announcement of the arrival of Koigu yarn.
Last year, we had several colors with tiered and finely dyed colors, but now we have new solid colors. I'm excited that this will expand the range of my work.

Therefore, from this time, we have switched to selling in units of one case. Please note that one skein is for one pair of socks.
The focus this time is pink!

(Colors above, P926, 2151, 1153, P336A, 2403, P950-59 from left)

Also, chic colors are nice.
(Colors above, P950-59, 2409, 2335, 2403 from left)
You can enjoy color matching even with just the solid.
(Colors above, 2151, 2409, 1100, 2403 from left)

Using three colors is perfect for patterns like Color Affection, for example. If you mix the tiered dyeing, it will double the fun.
(Colors above, left to right 2151, P105L, 2335) (Colors above, left to right 2403, P535, 2151)
(Colors above, left to right 2403, 2409, 1153) (Colors above, left to right 2403, P950, P715)

With two colors, for example, it would be fun to use one Fair Isle color as a solid color and one color as a tiered dye.
The hat pattern called Selbu Modern has many people using Koigu for its knitting method. For example, this hat by MOONSTITCHES.

Then for example this! Leftie being knitted by Tokuko.

In addition, we recommend tiering one of the stripes, such as Baktus .

(P336A, 1100, above colors, left to right) (P115, 2409) (P105, 1153)

(Colors above, left to right P113L, 2335) (P336B, 2403) (P950, 2335)

(Colors above, P950, 1100 from left)

I also paired it with Madelinetosh's Tosh Sock, which is currently in stock in the shop. Tosh Sock is 100g, so if you add 1 skein of Koigu, it's perfect for accent color.
It goes well with Tosh Sock's Winter Wheat, Antique Lace, and Magenta. Please try it.

Finally, Mariko Mikuni's "Alan, London, Fair Isle knitting school trip" is now on sale at the online shop. Quantities are limited, so please purchase as soon as possible. We do not plan to resell.