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DK Weight Yarns Recommended Patterns

October 18, 2016

DK Weight Yarns おすすめパターン

The "hand-dyed yarn fair" at the Kyoto store started today.
Thank you for coming to visit us more than expected!

After all, hand-dyed yarn is good, isn't it? Nuanced colors.
When you pick it up, you can feel that it has been carefully dyed.
Thread with a story.

At the shop, we are proposing a pattern that fits the thread that arrived this time.
Here again, we would like to introduce 5 recommended patterns from DK Weight Yarn.

This time, DK Weight Yarn
We have Tosh Merino DK from Madelinetosh, Core DK from Fiberstory, and SW Merino DK from Life in the Long Grass.

1. Hooray

Open-front cardigan in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK.
Popular designer Veera popular pattern.
The online shop is also selling a kit with a video course.
The intricate details such as the front opening curve and pattern knitting are perfect for hand-dyed yarn.
The picture above is Hooray knitted by Meri. It seems that he is doing heavy rotation, and he is getting used to it.

2. Pixie scarf hat

A pattern released by amirisu staff Miyoko.
The specified thread is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK. It will be completed in one case.
As you can see, it's very cute, but the fact that the hat and scarf are integrated is practical.
Even if you put your child on the bicycle, it will not come off. It is a design unique to moms.
The pattern is free. Please click here .

3. Tenchi

This is an unforgettable (for the amirisu staff), a very popular pattern of amirisu9.
Since it was released last year, everyone has been knitting it with various threads.
The point is how it stands up, so a twisty thread is suitable. Core DK and SW Merino DK look good.
Of course, the designated thread Hudson is also hand-dyed, so it's okay!
Yarn amount is about 240 yards each for MC and CC.


Tambourine cardigan on the cover of Pompom 12 .
Core DK is the designated thread.
The tambourine pattern knitted with Nupp on the front is cute.
It's a pop and cute design, but if you knit it with Core DK with a bitter nuance,
It should be finished in a mature and cute outfit.
Yarn amount is XS, (S, M, L) = 4, (4, 5, 5) skein.

5. Palmyre

A shawl designed by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne that looks easy to use.
The nuances of the hand-dyed yarn come to life because the knitting is the main part.
Yarn amount is about 660yds. Any yarn will do just fine.

DK Weight Yarn has thickness, so it is perfect for items that will be used in the future.
It's just right for getting used to winter knitting.

Please enjoy hand-dyed yarn.

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