July 11, 2017

Brooklyn Tweed Summer of Lace KAL has started!

Brooklyn Tweed Summer of Lace KAL、始まりました!

amirisu / WALNUT will support Brooklyn Tweed's summer race KAL. From today, we will deliver a blog related to KAL in Japanese. See the original blog here.

(Translated and reprinted with permission from BT. Please refrain from reprinting without permission.)

In planning Brooklyn Tweed's first KAL (knit along = an event where everyone knits together), I tried to imagine that people who are professional lace knitters and those who are new to lace will participate. . Clothes knitted with lace yarn and lace patterns are perfect for continuing knitting even in the heat of early summer. With our newest yarn recently launched, Vale, we thought it would be the perfect time to dive into the world of lace knitting.

In order to share knowledge about lace knitting and encourage each other to reach our goals, I would like to use this blog as a place to introduce some trivial knowledge and techniques, and to discuss tips on how to knit lace well. Questions are welcome, and any experienced knitters are welcome to comment with their own tips. We welcome your comments! In addition, I'm planning two more in-depth blogs about lace knitting (7/14 and 8/4) where I'll be answering questions that came up during KAL.

Visit Ravelry's BT Fan Club Forum to see answers to your questions and see photos you've shared. In addition to Ravlery, please share your progress on social media using the KAL hashtag. We plan to repost your photos during the KAL period.

KAL's official start date is July 7th. I look forward to knitting and learning with you!

Hashtags : #BTLaceKAL17 #BrooklynTweedKAL

How to participate:
Choose a pattern with your favorite yarn and lace. Please use BT yarn or BT patterns. Participation in a project that has already been knitted is also OK. Please feel free to ask questions if you do not understand.

New to racing? Try using thick yarn like Arbor or Shelter first.

And be sure to introduce yourself and the project you plan to knit on Ravelry's Summer of Lace KAL Pre-Chatter . Questions and comments are also very welcome.

Blog schedule (not amirisu translation schedule) :

June 28: About the Brora Pattern
June 30: Planning: Get familiar with patterns
July 2: Plan 2: Tools and Swatches
July 7: KAL start
July 14: Lace Knitting Q & A, Part 1
July 21: Heirloom Stitches
July 28: Blocking
August 4: Lace Knitting Q & A, Part 2
August 11: Termination of KAL

On Wednesday we will introduce a new member of the BT design team (note: already published). In celebration of this KAL, she designed a new lace shawl pattern, Brora. looking forward to!