January 30, 2015

Free pattern Broken Stripe Hat released!

An earlier Valentine's gift than amirisu? ! A simple hat pattern that can be knitted in adult and child sizes with Woolfolk Får. Recommended for those who want to try using Får but are not sure what to knit. Start knitting now and survive the cold of February!
Continuing from last time, this is Miyoko design by amirisu staff.

broken striped hat

Although it is very easy to knit, the vertical sliding lines give it a slightly different impression than ordinary stripes. The unisex design makes it ideal as a gift.
Woolfolk, the designated yarn, is the best yarn for knitting hats because it feels like cashmere.

Design by Miyoko Cancro


Woolfolk FAR (100% Ovis XXI Ultimate Merino Wool 142 yards/130m; 50g)
MC 1(2) skein, CC 1 skein.
Sample colors are #11 and #02.
Or DK to Worsted, MC 125(150) m, CC 9(14) m

knitting needle
US6 (4mm) 40 cm circular or quad needle
US8 (5mm) 40 cm circular needle and 4-prong needle or gauge-sized needle

knitted using US8 (5mm),
20 eyes x 28 rows = 10 cm

Size Child 48~50 cm (Adult 50~58 cm)

Finished size Head circumference 43(48) cm x height 20(23) cm (flat without stretching)

Tools <br>stitch number marker (12), binding needle

Note : Knit in a circle from brim to top. If you want to adjust the size, knit the brim by increasing or decreasing 4 or 8 stitches, then increase or decrease by the same number on the main section set-up circumference, then knit according to the pattern.
*List of abbreviations is at the end.

Brim <br>CO 96 (108) stitches with MC using the smaller circular or quad needle. Make a circle, being careful not to twist it. PM at the end of the lap.
Knit two elastic stitches for 13(20) turns or until the brim is 4(6) cm long.

MAIN SECTION <br>Replace with larger circular needle.

Setup laps : *K8(9), PM; * Repeat until the end.
Lap 1 : In CC, repeat *K7(8), Sl1, SM; * to the end.
turn off CC.

Lap 2: MC, all K.
Lap 3 : *K7(8), Sl1, SM; * Repeat until the end.
Lap 4: All K.
Laps 5 ~ 8 (10) : Laps 3 and 4 are repeated 2 (3) more times.

Knit laps 1~8(10) 3 more times.
In addition, knit around 1 to 4 once.

Decrease the top of the head <br>Reduced eye circumference: *K2tog, until 3 eyes before the marker K, SSK, Sl1, SM; *Repeat until the end.
24 stitches reduced. A total of 72 (84) eyes.
Next lap: All K.
Repeat the last two laps one more time. A total of 48 (60) eyes.

Reduced stitch circumference : (Kids size only) *K2tog, Sl1, SM; *Repeat until the end. 36 in total.
Reduced stitch circumference : (Adult size only) *K2tog, SSK, Sl1, SM; * Repeat until the end. 36 in total.
Next lap: All K.

Reduced stitch circumference : *K2tog, Sl1, RM; * Repeat until the end. 24 in total.
Next lap: All K.

Reduced stitch circumference: K2tog until the end. 12 in total.
Next lap: All K.

Cut the thread leaving 10 cm. Using a binding needle, secure the top of the hat with the end of the thread.
Finish the thread and lightly block it.

List of abbreviations

CO: made
K: Front  P: backfire
MC : ground color   

CC : color scheme

Sl : Slip

BO : Downcast

PM : put marker    

SM : Move marker

RM : remove marker

K2tog : upper left two eyes once

SSK : Upper right two eyes once