December 06, 2015

Color scheme pattern I want to knit with Blue Sky Alpaca Sport Weight

The Blue Sky Alpaca Sport Weight , which has been well received in the resale of the Soyokaze kit .
BlueSkyAplaca's best-selling yarn that is soft to the touch and easy to knit without breaking. Beautiful coloring is also a big attraction. So, today I would like to introduce a color scheme that I would like to knit with BlueSkyAlpaca Sport Weight and a recommended color scheme.

Fletching by Bethany Hick

A scarf published in amirisu No. 8, which was very popular at the Walnut store.
The specified thread is Woolfolk's TYND, and the thread thickness is Fingering.
Blue Sky Alpaca Sport Weight is perfect for when you want to knit in a cute color such as red that TYND does not have, or when you want to finish a little larger!
This is an amirisu pattern, so there is also a Japanese version.
If you want to knit with Blue Sky Alpaca Sport Weight, MC 2 to 3 strands, CC 2 strands or more is a guideline.

Horizon Mittens by Sari Nordlund

A simple color scheme mitten knitted with two colors. English, free pattern.
The design is simple, so stick to beautiful colors.
Red, light blue, pink, etc. are combined with gray for a cute look.
Naturally with bright colors such as white, beige, and gray,
For men with black/gray and green/blue...
How about a Christmas present or a little early Valentine's gift?
For Blue Sky Alpaca Sport Weight, you will receive 1 skein of each color.

Dashed Lines by Suvi Simola

Asymmetrical shawl with a fun dotted pattern. English pattern.
Of course you can knit with two colors, but you can also add one more color ◎
Because it is a small shawl, it has a cute color scheme and is recommended for kids.
If you knit with Blue Sky Alpaca Sport Weight, MC 2-3 strands and CC 2 strands are recommended.

Finally, I chose the recommended color scheme. Help with color selection!

Left: 500 (natural white) + 507 (light gray) Right: 500 + 505 (taupe)

Left: 505 (taupe) + 539 (capri), Right: 505 + 518 (scarlet)
* 518 is a little more subdued color.

Left: 507 (light gray) + 518 (scarlet) Right: 500 (natural white) + 535 (bluejay)

Left: 522 (denim) + 545 (blue spruce), Right: 522 + 508 (medium gray)

Left: 522 + 535 (bluejay), Right: 507 (light gray) + 535

The Soyokaze kit is now on sale☆