March 11, 2016

Speaking of spring knitting!

A shawl fair is being held at the Kyoto store today from the 11th. So, this time, we will introduce shawls that are perfect for spring knitting.

First of all, Boo Knits lace shawl, Distant Hours , which specializes in so-called crescent type shawls published in amirisu2. The amount of yarn is about 600m, which is a lot, but if you reduce the number of repetitions, you can knit about 400m. You can also enjoy adding beads. Anzula yarn is recommended. No problem with either thickness. If you want to knit with a small amount, please refer to Tokuko's project .

100 Diamonds published in amirisu No. 3, which is always popular as a sample of the Kyoto store. An elegant combination of mohair and beads. The knitting method is not difficult because it is a combination of the same patterns. It is recommended to knit this with the specified thread Silk cloud . 2 cassettes are used. Guaranteed to be an easy-to-use shawl!

Speaking of shawls that let you play with colors, Astray from amirisu No.4. The stripes here and there are made using the intarsia technique, but it's easy because all you have to do is hook the thread.
The thickness is Fingering, and the thread with a tighter twist is more suitable for the atmosphere. Esopus and Julie Asselin are recommended.
(MC) about 565 yards, 515 m / (CC) about 110 yards, 100 m used.

Well, the last is Tickled by Your Smile published in amirisu7. Quince & Co.'s Tern is a lace shawl that is knitted using 2 small skeins and 3 large skeins.
Tern is a silk blend, so it is characterized by a clean feeling of falling. Also, I think it will be a piece that can be used until early summer with a refreshing touch.

Shawls come in a variety of materials and shapes. Please come and visit the shawl fair to find your favorite piece. It will be held from March 11th to 19th! (Closed on Sundays and Mondays)