October 21, 2016

Fashionable knitting goods have arrived!


I think there are a lot of people who say, “Start with the tools” when starting something.
And about the same number of people say, "I'm going to raise the tension with tools."
Knitting too. I can't stop collecting knitting goods.

Today, we would like to introduce a product that we recommend to people who have a penchant for such goods.

First, cocoknits .
We are always developing items with unique ideas unique to knitters. And stylish.

We have a counter and stitch marker that sold out quickly last time.

Both can be attached to KNITTER'S KEEP .
I've heard stories about people wearing this around their wrists and knitting at cafes and becoming popular.

Also, this SWEATER CARE kit is also recommended in a different way. Because it's on sale.

It is offered at a special price for product replacement.
This drying rack is nice.
If you take care of your knit on a sunny autumn day, you'll feel better.

Next, Field Bag and Leather Pouch from Fringe Supply Co.
I also love Meri and Tokuko.

Also, DARUMA's knitting needle caps, which sold out quickly, have arrived.

…Speaking of which, I thought there were more types of knitting needle caps, so I arranged them.

An array of knitting needle caps. Each one has its own personality and feels good.
Cocoknits stitch stoppers , knit hats , tulips , and pandas .

Here are the markers.
Don't forget the WALNUT original acorn case .

All of them are products invented by Knitter, and we have tested them to make sure they are easy to use, so we have a guarantee that they are easy to use.

New or collectible.
I hope it will be a companion that makes your knitting fun and colorful.