May 11, 2016

wool care season

There are still chilly days, and I'm wearing a wool cardigan, but it's the season when I have to change clothes. In the past, I used to send my winter clothes to the dry cleaners or wash them with a fashionable detergent, but if I go to the trouble of washing my clothes by hand, I would like to take care of the wool and give it a higher level of care.

Today I would like to introduce the wool soap that amirisu handles. I will fully explain how to use it.

Before we get started, let's take a look at what makes wool such a great material.
Wool as a material is superior to high-performance materials created with cutting-edge technology.
・Resistant to moisture and keeps the skin dry: Even if it contains moisture, the surface can remain dry.
・Resistant to wrinkles and keeps its shape. And it's durable: As anyone who knits knows, it has a strong ability to return to its original shape even if it is pulled or bent. However, it will break or wrinkle when wet.
・Fire resistant: It is difficult to burn because it can contain moisture.
Stain- and odor-resistant: As you can see from the return of high-end outdoor clothing to wool, it's less likely to harbor bacteria than other materials, even after days of unwashed wear.
・Natural UV cut effect: It seems to have the effect of protecting from strong sunlight.
・Keeps temperature: Keeps warmth in cold places and has the effect of keeping the temperature constant without getting too hot.
These benefits are enhanced by an oil called lanolin, which is naturally found in wool.

Originally secreted by sheep to protect their wool from the outside air and dirt. Thanks to the lanolin, I can stay comfortable all year round even if I am wrapped in that much hair, and my skin is healthy.
Expecting such an effect, in Europe and the United States, after washing cotton diapers for babies, they are finished with lanolin.

But what happens to wool, which naturally contains lanolin, when washed? Prior to laundering, most industrial and hand-knitted yarns have most of their oils removed at the point of spinning. In other words, there is almost no lanolin left. If you try to clean it with a chemical detergent, it will be removed even more.

This is where the wool detergent containing lanolin comes in.

amirisu sells liquid and solid detergents produced by Quince & Co. Both have a very nice scent (there is also an unscented version), and you can enjoy washing. Removes dirt while restoring lost lanolin.

So how do we use it?
I will explain each step in detail.

All you need is wool soap (whether solid or liquid), warm water, and a basin big enough to hold whatever you want to wash, or a sink that holds water.
And, of course, wool items that you want to wash.

Fill the basin with plenty of lukewarm water. Wool items are about to soak in the dents. Then, pour a capful of wool soap, two if it's a large one, or three times if you feel like it.
For solid soap, lightly rub the soap onto the surface of the item soaked in warm water. front and back. You don't have to do it evenly. It dissolves in hot water and spreads throughout.

Squeeze the clothes with your hands and soak them in lukewarm water. While soaking in water, push out dirt and blend with lanolin. But don't go too hard. It won't felt at this temperature, but just be gentle.

If the lukewarm water becomes transparent immediately, it is proof that the oil of the wool soap has soaked into the wool immediately. They must have been craving oil. I'll add a little more wool soap. About 1 to 2 cups.
and leave it for about 15 minutes.

Quince wool soap does not require rinsing. If the washbasin is very dirty, throw out the hot water, add clean lukewarm water, and add wool soap.
Next is dehydration. Press it with your hand to drain the water and spread it on a bath towel. Wrap a towel like a cake roll and press down to remove more water.

Unfold the towel again and block according to the finished dimensions.

Once dry, enjoy the softness of the wool and the smell of freshly laundered wool. (This step is required!)

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And when storing, we recommend camphor insect repellent blocks and camphor. Relax with the scent of natural wood. I'm looking forward to opening the drawer in the fall.

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