November 27, 2017

For those who want to knit English patterns 1


Hello, this is Tokuko.

I decided to write a blog for those who want to knit English patterns from today.
Now, I can see patterns translated into Japanese in various places, but the reality is that Japanese translations still haven't caught up.
I'm sure there are many of you out there who are dreaming, "I wish I could knit English patterns too" every time I see your wonderful work on Ravelry or Instagram. I am writing to help you out!

First of all, "Which pattern should I choose?"
If the first English pattern you try is not good enough, I think the English pattern experience will be very painful. No one travels to Okinawa during a typhoon for the first time, right? Again, for a great experience, start with a great pattern. Very important here.

My recommendation is to choose a pattern that has a lot of knitting. Choose from over 1,000 woven projects on Ravelry. And I think it's scary at first, but please pay money and buy a pattern.
The errors in the ones that are woven a lot are being revamped more and more, and it means that it is a good pattern that is easy to knit.
And, of course, there are a lot of wonderful free patterns, but I think that the probability of encountering a better pattern will increase if you pay money.

However, there are quite a few popular patterns that are difficult to write for people whose native language is not English. I have a hard time dealing with that. . . . No, it is difficult.
Finally, I would like to conclude by introducing Tokuko's recommended designers and manufacturers for beginners.

Joji Locatelli
Joji is Argentinian, so it's a miso that English is easy to understand because his native language is not English. Many of the old patterns are simple knitting methods, and almost all of them are top-down. Boxy , a representative work, is a training type knitting with fingering , but it is one of the most popular pieces.

Veera Vallimäki
Veera is also one of the designers who doesn't have to read long English descriptions because they are always expressed in complete English. Her shawl is also very popular, and Color Affection has over 15,000 projects! Knitting with hand-dyed yarn is recommended.

Stephen West
Some people may be surprised by his eccentric photos, but his shawls are always made with simple techniques, and all of his shawls are accompanied by videos and have good patterns that sell well. Exploration Station is recommended. I knitted with Koigu combination.

Quince is recommended by a famous manufacturer. There are many easy-to-understand and simple patterns, so I don't think there is any difference due to the difficulty of knitting.

In the next installment, I will give a lecture on what to prepare before reading patterns.
The slogan is "Study like a high school student!"