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WALNUT TOKYO knitting lesson report

June 16, 2016

Hello. The rainy season has started and the humid climate continues.
The knitting lessons held at the Tokyo store include things that follow the curriculum, beginner classes, free classes, and so on. The free class is literally a free class where you knit with your favorite yarn and pattern.
Many of you who are attending this class may be worried that only advanced students who are good at knitting are attending, but that is not the case. Of course, there are people who are very good at knitting, but there are also people who have just started knitting, and people who have stopped once but want to start again. So what kind of things are you all knitting? I will introduce it from here.

Banaue Breeze by Stephen West

It seems that you can knit with Shibui Linen 3.5 skeins. Stephen West's designs may look eccentric at first glance, but they look great when knitted in muted colors. This pattern is very popular in the classroom.
Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier

This is also Shibuya Linen.

Knit with 5 skeins. It's a very popular pattern, but if you knit it with Linen, it's perfect for wearing in a cold room in the coming season. Shibui Linen yarn is popular in the classroom, but of course there are many people knitting with winter yarn and other summer yarns.
One of the charms of the classroom is that you can touch on various patterns while chatting with other people.
Click here for details about the classroom .

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