July 02, 2016

WALNUT TOKYO Rag hooking lesson report

☆☆The 3rd lesson report held at the Tokyo store☆☆
-Lag hooking lesson-
Rag hooking that is not often heard.
what are you all like? You might be thinking!
Rag hooking is an image of coloring with yarn and fabric.
Using a hooking needle like a crochet, Fill in the pattern by looping materials such as yarn.

At the Tokyo store, we used Quince&co. puffin to make a glucose star at first.
I will teach you how to use hooking needles. After that, hooking squares and triangles to create shapes and outlines What are you going to learn? Learning is not that difficult, but There are various tricks to hooking, It feels like learning the tricks while making small things.
Round and round coaster made by a student
Once you get used to it, you can make tapestries and rugs★
and, Just like knitting, rag hooking can be a no-brainer (laughs).
It's an easy and fun craft, so even if you're not good at knitting, or you've been frustrated, there's no problem! !
I'm sure you can make something fun and cute!
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Sample made by nao
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