October 13, 2015

Notice of socks fair @Walnut Kyoto

10 days have passed since Walnut Kyoto moved and opened.
I am very happy that everyone who came was happy with me, saying, "You've grown bigger." thank you very much.

Well, here is the announcement of the first exhibition after the relocation.
The first part of the exhibition was decided on socks. Knitting socks is a must for winter preparations for knitters.
We hope that you will not only enjoy knitting, but also experience the luxury of wrapping your cold feet in hand-knitted knitwear.

*Socks Exhibition*
Date: October 22nd (Thursday) - October 31st (Saturday)
・We are waiting for you with cute patterns and sock yarn.
・Of course, there are also samples. Please take a look at it.
・In response to requests, Sock Club patterns will be sold.
・Translated versions of Knitty 's popular patterns will be distributed to those who purchase sock yarn (4 types).



・We will hold a workshop for those who are new to knitting socks.

*Pom Pom Peds WS*

Here we use the English pattern.
The lesson will be divided into two parts, so we will carefully teach you the techniques necessary for knitting socks.
I will follow you so that you can knit by yourself.
You can choose the color.

*Date and time:
A class: October 22nd (Thursday) and 29th (Thursday) 14:00-16:00 B class: October 24th (Saturday) and 31st (Saturday) 14:00-16:00 *Venue: WALNUT KYOTO
*Lecturer: Riku-Fu
*WS participation details ・WS participation fee: 3,000 yen (excluding tax) Thread, pattern, lesson fee included Tea included ・Capacity: 6 people per class ・Skill level: Those who can knit knitting If you are not, we will sell it for 1050 yen (excluding tax) on the day.)

* How to apply: Please purchase from the online shop .
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

*important point:
・Please cancel at least 3 days in advance due to the preparation of materials. Please note that after that, a full cancellation fee will be charged.

* * *
This sock exhibition is also planned at the Tokyo store (November 5th to November 8th).
I'll let you know again.