October 22, 2016

knit a top down sweater


Once you get a little used to knitting, I think many people will change the pattern they want to knit little by little, and customize it by changing the number of stitches or adding a pattern of their choice to make it the perfect size for themselves.

But, in fact, there are many cases where it is easier to calculate and make from the beginning. With just a little math and the ability to get the gauge right, making your own sweater is easier than you might think.

This WS will give a lecture on how to make a top-down sweater from scratch. It is a WS that you can knit with your favorite thread, your favorite pattern, and your favorite size.
It's also interesting that you can make a sweater with a completely different expression depending on how you choose the thread. I will also teach you how to design from there.

Once you learn how to design, you can easily customize other patterns. It's because I can understand the designer's way of thinking more deeply. Double win!

The first day is from October 27th. It is a 2-time course.
For more details, please click here.
Knit a sweater with your favorite thread and your favorite pattern. Experience the ultimate in luxury.