June 11, 2022

Lori's Notebook -Quilted Project Bag

Lori's Notebook - キルトのプロジェクトバッグ


Photos and Texts by Lori Ann Graham

Last year I sold my house in California, gave away my truck, packed up all my life and put it on a moving van to the beautiful state of Wisconsin, hoping to make it my home. Not knowing anyone here in this state makes things scary and fun at the same time. 

I am very far north in the woods, and I love the snow and winter. It’s a new experience, really lovely to learn about. I’ve been knitting the mittens I’ve shared many times on Instagram. That’s mostly all I’ve had time for. And I’ve wanted to gift a pair to any family or friends that come to visit. It’s so cold here! It’s a whole new way of living. 


Since I didn’t pack a knitting bag, I decided to make one. My bag is sewn with assorted scraps, an old tablecloth and a shirt I found and cut up...the cuffs are now handles and the button loop was a placket. it is snowing today and this flower garden handbag is a hint of spring to come.