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Issue 9

8月 19, 2021

[First Fair Isle ]
M size only: Work row 1 and row 2 once. 258 st.


This is not to fix error in the pattern. We've added a few lines to make the pattern easier to understand.

Stitch Guide
BRP1 (brioche purl 1): purl stitch together with its 2 YOs.

Bicolor brioche rib
Round 3 (CC): Drop YO from previous round, YO, *K1, Sl1yo; rep from * to end of the round.
(It is a little confusing, as Round 2 ends with YO and Round 3 starts with YO, but it is not a mistake. When working Sl1yo on Round 3, slip both the MC stitch and the YO from the previous round together, then add another YO on top of them. There will be two YOs on a stitch.)


BRP1 (brioche purl 1): 左針の1目とYO2つを一緒にP。
Sl wyf- 糸を手前においた状態ですべり目

Bicolor brioche rib (2目4周)
周3(CC): 前周のYOを針から落とす、YO、*K1、Sl1yo; *からを最後まで繰り返す。 (周3のSl1yoのとき, 周2ですべらせた目とそれにかけた目を両方とも一緒にすべらせ, そこにさらに糸をかける. 結果, 同じ目に2回糸がかかる.)


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