June 01, 2024

yomirisu online is here!

yomirisu onlineスタート!

A new media has started today. We decided to use the name yomirisu, which has been the name of our take-free, in-store zine, and is already familiar to us. yomirisu online. It is the new half of the amirisu magazine, which lasted for 12 years.

It's been 12 years since we launched the magazine, and 10 years since we started the yarn shop. I think there are many customers who have never seen the magazine before and think that amirisu is only a yarn shop. We started making the magazine before we started selling materials. It started because we were frustrated that we couldn't find the books we wanted. And we also started the shop because there weren't any yarn shops that we wanted to go to back then.

Nowadays, yarn shops, both online and in-store, have increased nationwide, and it has become easy to buy foreign and hand-dyed yarns. More and more fashionable knitting books are being published in Japan, and books published by overseas publishers such as Laine are becoming more readily available. However, I still feel that there are not many media outlets that can serve as sources of information on textile art. It is hard work, and not many people are willing to commit to the daunting task.

But we have 12 years of magazine content. We don't want to wait for someone else to make what we want, we want to make it ourselves. So we decided to start an online media.

With the world's focus already shifting from text to video, it may seem a little late to start, but I think this format will allow us to operate flexibly, incorporating not only text, but also images, videos, and various other forms of media. We will continue to provide exciting content in diverse outlets, and your support is greatly appreciated.



Yomirisu Online, delivered in blog format, will start with the following categories.

(1) Shop News

As always, we will be posting announcements from our brick-and-mortar store and online shop. We will be sharing information about changes to opening hours, events, lessons, and more.

(2) Feature Articles

In addition to past issues of the feature articles from the magazine amirisu, we will continue to publish interviews with artists in various genres related to textile art. We will also be updating the Craft City Guide from time to time.

(3) Essay

In addition to the short articles that appeared in the magazine amirisu, we will continue to bring you blog articles from Tokuko and Meri, photo essays by Masako Nakagawa, Lori's craft blog, and more.

(4) Favorites

This is a section where we introduce recommended patterns and books, what our staff are knitting, and our favorite products.