June 08, 2023

Lori's Notebook -Scandinavian Kitchen Helper

Lori's Notebook - スカンジナビアのキッチンホルダー

Photos and Text by Lori Ann Rushfeldt

One time, at Uncle Ivarʼs home in Norway, I saw hanging on the kitchen wall, a length of ribbon holding several trays I thought what a lovely and useful idea. While I don’t have a collection of trays, I do have rolling pins. And some cotton yarn…maybe a knitted rolling pin holder could work!

Cotton yarn, worsted weight
A pair of needles, size 7 
Tapestry needle 
Wooden ring (I used one 2 inches in circumference)

Choose a simple lace repeat, or any design you prefer. Cast on 12 stitches and knit until desired length. Remember the knitted ribbon will need to be looped twice. I knit for 67 inches and then cast off. 

Thread the “ribbon” through the wooden ring, making sure the loops are even. With a tapestry needle and a piece of cotton yarn, stitch through all layers, keeping the ends even in back. There will be six layers making an in and out stitch worked best. 

Add your first pin, and with the same technique, stitch across both loops. Do the same with each pin.