June 01, 2024

Staff Projects: Naoya Knitting in amirisu Parade

Staff Projects: Paradeで編むNaoya


It's been a while since we've had a chance to show you some of our staff's knitting.
Mei from Sail & Thread knitted the Naoya cardigan! Knit in the dark blue Parade , it has a cool and calm look.

Naoya is a popular cardigan featured in our pattern book "Travel vol.1," released in 2022. (We are so sorry, it is available only in Japanese).  It has a lace pattern only on the back, and if you look closely, you can see an elaborate pattern on the front band and neck band.

Parade is a light yarn made from a blend of wool, linen, cotton, and silk, so she made the ribbing on the hem and sleeves shorter than in the pattern (from 9cm to 5cm at the hem, and from 7cm to 2.5cm at the sleeves) with the intention of wearing it in spring or early summer.
In addition, after knitting the ribbing for the cuffs, she added one row each of K and P before bind off. A thin groove-like line was added to the cuff, resulting in a cute arrangement.


The hardest part was reducing the lace pattern on the shoulders.
The pattern says to gradually reduce the lace pattern around the shoulder line and use stockinette stitch, but she made a mistake and the pattern ended up all the way to the edge of the line.
But it's cute so it shouldn't be a problem.

Parade has a soft texture that feels good even when it touches bare skin. It's easy to match with both pants and skirts, so it's very useful!
We are constantly introducing new hand-dyed colors of Parade. Please try knitting with your favorite color.


Pattern: Naoya by Keiko Kikuno
Yarn: amirisu Parade (Oxford)
Size: S

(Oh! She hasn't forgotten the button. She said she'll put it on as soon as she finds a nice one :))